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The love of Dachshunds goes back to Tami Michaels’ father, who was a WWII veteran, part of the 101st Airborne, who survived many battles and hardships. When he was in Germany, whenever he saw a Dachshund, he was completely enamored by them. And as a former Golden Glove boxer, he respected how fierce these small mighty dogs were. He’d always told Tami that Dachshund means badger + hound, and Dachshunds were used to hunt badgers. Dachshund is similar in color to Labrador. Strong and durable, made from Hickory, Dachshund is a popular choice.


*Priced per Square Foot


When selecting a PET DECORATOR® floor, you may want to approximately match the color of your pet’s hair to the color of the floor. Another factor is the size and type of pet you have, which may affect the hardness or color variation of wood that is needed. If you have a larger and more active pet, we’d recommend a beautiful Hickory option, or Timber Wolf. If you have a smaller pet your options are more open, including an American Black Walnut floor, e.g., Sable. All PET DECORATOR® floors have K9-Pet Shield™ protection and a lifetime Wee-Wee Warranty™.


PET DECORATOR® flooring is so pretty, your pet will be proud to pee on it™


PET DECORATOR® wood floors are available for view and sale at Sound Kitchen and Bath, located in the Seattle area. Your pet is our customer™.


Online ordering available soon! For more questions, please contact us. There are no bad pets, just bad floors™!

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