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PET DECORATOR® genuine wood floor products are named after our inspiration and founder, the Malcolm Collection.  The Malcolm Collection consists of Best in Show and Premiere product lines. 


All Malcolm Collection engineered wood floors are made from hand selected, higher grade real North American wood. All Malcolm Collection wood floors have the proprietary K-9 Pet Shield™ finish that is highly pet accident, scratch, dent and slip resistant, a stone composite water-proof core, easy to install with the most advanced click locking system, pre-attached thermo-acoustic under pad, and our leading limited lifetime Wee-Wee Warranty™.  All Malcolm Collection wood floors have specially designed stains and colors by Tami Michaels.


Premiere wood floors feature PET DECORATOR’s wide (6”) and variable length (up to 48”) wood planks. Premiere wood floors provide a very affordable option for those seeking a high end, wide plank, genuine wood floor created for pets. Each plank is hand selected to ensure high grade, beautiful wood.  Made from Hickory and European White Oak.

Best in Show wood floors are PET DECORATOR’s highest quality floors and feature very wide (7.5”) and long (~75”) wood planks.  Each plank is hand selected to ensure high grade, beautiful wood.  Made from Hickory, American Black Walnut and European White Oak.